New Ways to Engage your Users on WeChat with Chatbots

WeChat has quickly become the place where Chinese consumers spend most of their time online. But despite there being so many NEW opportunities to engage your customers, the methods of engagement are so OLD fashioned.


Right now businesses usually engage their users with the following 3 ways:


HTML Pages

HTML is the oldest web technology. Sure, it’s known as H5 now...but it is still a website. It’s been around since 1993(yes, they date THAT far back), and is still the most popular way to collect information about users in WeChat. However, information flows in only one direction where the website presents information and is absorbed by the user.


Besides that, users have to tap on a link and then wait for the H5 page to load...what a pain! You sure do not want to lose your users because of the waiting time.

Blog Articles

Blog articles are only slightly newer than HTML. They began around 1997 but are still the primary way to deliver content on WeChat. Most of these articles contains chunks of information consisting of text and a variety of multimedia. But most users have a short attention span, and only a small proportion of the post is actually absorbed.


Chat Text

Ugly, ugly. This looks like old IRC programming that hackers have been using since 1988. WeChat allows businesses to incorporate simple bots within the account which can send text to users based on ‘keyword’ searches. But look at the amount of text..

Yet, people still use it because it is convenient and there is seemingly no other way to add multimedia in pre-programmed messages on WeChat.


Chatbots are the newest technology available in WeChat, and can engage your users in ways that the old technologies can’t. Here are some ways we use chatbots:

Use Chatbots to Understand Users

Chatbots use new technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning to engage and chat with users. Chatbots not only capture quantitative data like H5 pages, but also qualitative data that helps you understand what your customers are feeling.


Chatbots Connects with Users

Instead of reading a long Blog article (like this one ;-), chatbots keep your users attention through fun, bite-sized conversations. Chatbots can tell jokes, deliver music, and adjust its content based on the user's input.

Chatbots Make Content Engaging

Instead of an old, ugly wall of text, chatbots can create pretty NEW conversations that actually make users feel like they are chatting with a person. People send pictures, voice messages, and emojis to make their conversations more interesting. Chatbots can use all of these new multimedia to make the conversation feel more genuine and real.


To create more ‘reality’ type of experiences, ‘teleport’ your users into a situation. Send them audio clips, background music to engage their senses.  If you are selling a beach ball, use images of the beach and sounds of the waves crashing against the shore to get users feel like they are there!

Chatbots are a new way to engage on WeChat. Through making the user experience more experiential and exciting, you can achieve a higher engagement rate with your users.


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